Всепогодный бомбардировщик над любым морем.

With the blank made of super low resin carbon material, we realize unbelievable weight and beautiful balance. 
Anti-wear SIC Guide ring is good for a braid line and the chrome frame resist well against saltwater. 
Good reel seat endures the heavy load and fasten up the reel firmly.
With the bottom grip fitted Korean body type, you can feel the trembling sense of bite and the comfort.
The hard case package will protect your rod always.
In boat fishing, you feel boring sometimes because of the limits of lure and the simple action. In this case, this rod will change your fishing sensible. You feel the tension and the comfort all together. 
The sensitive balance and delicate blank power, which transmit the sense of bite to your body, help you to make good harvest for squid, flounder, sebastes and red sea-bream.